Gearhead Oil Analysis Kit

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Analyze your oil, don’t waste it by blindly changing it! The best and most complete laser spectrum analysis tells you not only what’s going on with your oil but also the condition of your engine.

What the Gearhead oil analysis kit includes:

  • Pre-paid oil analysis mailing pouch (USPS)
  • Oil analysis sample bottle and container
  • Blank form and sticker-label 

Why run oil analysis ... 

  • Lets you know if there’s fuel in your oil from DPF or Regen Mode
  • Lets you know if there are metal particles from failing pistons or turbo, helping you prevent catastrophic failure before any sign of trouble
  • Lets you monitor the progress of our bypass oil filtration system
  • Lets you monitor your oil's additive packs
  • Lets you know when you can extend your oil change intervals and save $
  • Lets you know if you can extend your filter element change interval and save $
  • and so much more!  

Watch our video about the importance of oil analysis 

How to take an oil sample

  • We recommend you start with a high quality oil and run oil analysis every 7,500 miles
  • Run engine for 3-6 minutes to agitate the oil
  • For best results catch oil sample midstream from the oil drain plug
  • Seal the sample bottle 
  • Fill out the analysis form, peel it off and stick it to the clear bottle containing the sample
  • Place the clear sample bottle in the white Gearhead container bottle and seal the cap
  • Seal the containers in the pre-paid USPS pouch and drop sample off at USPS Post Office 

(Work with Gearhead Labs to discuss engine-specific condition-based monitoring to extend oil change intervals and filter element change intervals)

Results take 1.5 weeks from the moment USPS receives the package. 

Contact Gearhead Oil Analysis (Utah, Orem office) for assistance with understanding your report or to check on the status of your report.

Orem Office Contact: Lynn J Finlinson


Oil Analysis Report

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Gearhead Oil Analysis Kit - Insane Diesel


Providing the best protection against engine wear, oil degradation, acidity, rust, and corrosion.