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Extreme Bypass Oil Filtration

Up to now an industry secret, Insane Diesel’s EXTREME BYPASS OIL FILTRATION SYSTEMS radically extends the life of diesel and gas engines around the globe. Backed by 30+ years of experience we provide the best protection against engine wear, oil degradation, acidity, rust, and corrosion.

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Benefits Of Ultra-Fine Bypass Oil Filtration

Engine Protection and Longevity

  • Radically extend engine life 2X
  • Reduce engine wear
  • Keep oil up to 4X cleaner than new
  • Progressive 3-stage filtration down to 1 micron, won't clog or drop efficiency like other filters
  • Minimize engine heat and friction
  • Reduce soot and carbon buildup

Maintenance and Cost Efficiency

  • Reduce erosion of hoses & seals
  • Extend oil change intervals
  • Remove 99.9% of moisture
  • Reduce maintenance and oil replacement costs
  • Improve gas mileage

Performance and Efficiency

  • Improve oil cooling
  • Large housing holds 400X more contaminants than OEM filters
  • Prolonged engine performance at peak efficiency
  • Optimize engine power and responsiveness

Engine wear is caused by particles as small as 1 micron

"Oil contamination control is no longer an option, it’s a necessity"

See that black stuff? That's soot! Why is it in your engine? Conventional filters fall short, capturing particles only between 22–40 microns, leaving your engine exposed to abrasive soot that gradually erodes seals and essential components. Our advanced ultra-fine oil filtration systems, proven in protecting millions of industrial equipment for over 30 years, are now accessible to safeguard engines of all sizes.

Reduced Lubrication:
Contaminated oil loses its lubricating properties, leading to increased friction and wear between engine components. This can accelerate the wear and tear of critical engine parts, affecting performance and longevity.

Increased Deposits:
Soot and other contaminants can deposit on engine surfaces, causing harmful buildup and reducing engine efficiency. This buildup can lead to decreased fuel economy and performance.

Clogged Filters:
Contaminants can clog oil filters, impeding the flow of oil and compromising its ability to clean and protect the engine.

Higher Operating Temperatures:
Contaminated oil can lead to higher operating temperatures in the engine, which may result in reduced efficiency and increased stress on components.

Some contaminants can promote corrosion of metal surfaces within the engine, leading to damage and potential failure.

Poor Combustion:
Soot and other contaminants can negatively impact the combustion process, leading to incomplete combustion and reduced engine power.

Increased Oxidation:
Contaminants can accelerate oil oxidation, causing the formation of acidic by-products that degrade the oil and reduce its protective properties.

Formation of Varnish:
Contaminated oil can lead to the formation of varnish, a sticky residue that can build up on engine parts and impair their performance.

Poor Cold-Weather Performance:
Contaminated oil can have compromised flow properties, especially in cold weather, leading to difficulties in engine startup and potential damage.

Increased Emissions:
Contaminated oil can lead to higher emissions, contributing to air pollution and environmental concerns.

To ensure optimal engine health and performance, it's crucial to use high-quality oil and employ effective filtration systems to keep the oil clean and free from contaminants. Regular oil analysis and maintenance can help identify and address issues related to soot and other motor oil contaminants, preserving the engine's efficiency and longevity.

Experience the power of advanced filtration technology that eliminates 99.9% of moisture on the first pass

Moisture in motor oil can have several negative effects on engine performance and longevity

To ensure optimal engine health and performance, it's essential to prevent moisture from entering the motor oil. Regular maintenance and high-quality bypass oil filter systems can effectively combat moisture-related issues and prolong engine life.

Reduced Lubrication:
Moisture in motor oil can reduce its lubricating properties. Water doesn't have the same lubricating capabilities as oil, leading to increased friction and wear between engine components. This can accelerate the wear and tear of critical engine parts, affecting the engine's performance and longevity.

Water is a corrosive agent, and when it mixes with oil, it can promote the corrosion of metal surfaces within the engine. Corrosion can lead to damage, pitting, and increased clearances between moving parts, causing further wear and potential engine failure.

Oil Breakdown:
Moisture can cause the oil to break down more quickly, leading to a decrease in its ability to protect the engine from wear and tear. This breakdown can also result in the formation of harmful sludge and deposits, further compromising engine performance.

Water in the oil can create foam, which reduces the oil's ability to lubricate effectively. Foam can lead to air pockets within the engine, causing inadequate lubrication in critical areas and potentially damaging engine components.

Increased Oxidation:
Water can accelerate the oxidation process of the oil. Oxidation results in the formation of acidic by-products that further degrade the oil and its protective properties.

Poor Cold-Weather Performance:
Moisture in motor oil can contribute to poor performance in cold weather. When water in the oil freezes, it can form ice crystals that hinder the oil's flow and make starting the engine more difficult.

View the Results of Ultra-Fine Oil Filtration

*Maximize Oil Cleanliness for Newer Vehicles: Install Our System Early for Optimal Results. Older Vehicles Benefit From Eliminating Years of Accumulated Soot. Keep Track of Progress with Oil Analysis – Your Key to Monitoring Success!

How EXTREME Bypass Oil Filtration Works


Our bypass filter is designed to be used in conjunction with the main full flow filter. The system continuously filters a percentage of the oil, typically 10%, in the circuit which means it's able to provide additional filtration to a much finer tolerance than the full-flow filter.

This greatly extends the life of both the oil and the main filter itself.The filter housing is manufactured as an aluminum anodized body which makes it suitable for all environments and offers long lasting durability. The lid is secured by a single high tensile bolt which makes lid removal and filter changes quick and easy. The lid housing provides complete leak proof sealing.

The filter cartridge is made from a cellulose fibre based tissue around a cardboard core. The cartridge is housed in a nylon stocking with an impressed brass ring to facilitate cartridge removal. The filter housing is fitted using an adjustable mounting bracket, which offers the user a wide range of filter positions and fixed points. Our filter is capable of filtering all types of oils with a viscosity range of 9-220cst. Contact us for details about other suitable uses with other applications such as filtration for transmission, fuels, and other fluids.

Market-Leading Results

*99.5% Efficiency Rating

Progressive 1 micron bypass oil filter system with an outstanding efficiency rating of 99.5% at BETA 200 2µm! Our bypass oil filter sets the gold standard for market-leading performance. Compare it to our competitors BETA efficiency rating, we're ready to test our system against anyone else who claims their systems perform better!

Analysis Results tell the whole story

Oil Analysis Validates Progress & Results

Ultra-fine oil filtration works! Don't Just Take Our Word for It! Track The Progress and Results With Oil Analysis.

Our Laser Spectrum Analysis Reveals Oil and Engine Health, Plus Additional Benefits Like Identifying Fuel Contamination and Metal Particles, Proactively Prevent Catastrophic Failure.

Stay Ahead of Trouble with Precision Analysis.

Example Oil Analysis Report
(oil stays healthy)

Example Oil Analysis Report
(oil progressively improves)

Ideal for Trucking & Heavy-Duty Industries

Environmentally Conscious System WITH SIGNIFICANT COST SAVINGS

• Reduce maintenance cost and maintenance downtime
• Improve fuel efficiency
• Reduce oil consumption & oil waste
• Extend equipment life
• Reduce emissions and improve equipment performance
• Inspire harmony between industry and community

Compatible with Gas and Diesel Engines of All Sizes

extreme x1 filter

For diesel and gas engines with an oil capacity of 1-8qt

• Gas automobiles
• Pickup truck
• Marine engine
• Power generator
• Side-by-side
• Diesel lawn mower
• and more!

Extreme X2 Filter

For diesel and gas engines with an oil capacity of 8-16qt

• Light/heavy duty truck
• Sprinter van
• Marine engine
• Food trucks
• Cargo van
• Box truck
• Bucket truck
• Delivery truck
• Power generator
• And more!

Extreme X3 Filter

For diesel engines with an oil capacity of 16-32qt

• School bus
• City transit bus
• Motor-home
• Marine engine
• Truck tractor
• Garbage truck
• And more!

Extreme X4 Filter

For diesel and gas engines with an oil capacity of 32-64qt

• Heavy duty equipment
• Construction equipment
• Mining equipment
• Agricultural equipment
• Marine engine
• Power plant generator
• OTR truck
• And more!

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