Insane Diesel

Extreme Bypass Oil Filtration System

Up to now an industry secret, Insane Diesel’s EXTREME BYPASS OIL FILTRATION SYSTEMS radically extends the life of diesel and gas engines around the globe. Backed by 30+ years of experience we provide the best protection against engine wear, oil degradation, acidity, rust, and corrosion.

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Power. Performance. Reliability

Benefits Of Ultra-Fine Oil Filtration

• Radically extend engine life 2X
• Reduce engine wear
• Keep oil up to 4X cleaner than new
• Progressive 3 stage filtration down to 1 micron, won't clog or drop efficiency like others filters
• Reduce soot and carbon buildup
• Reduce erosion of hoses & seals
• Extend oil change intervals
• Remove 99.9% of moisture
• Improve gas mileage
• Improve oil cooling
• Large housing holds 400X more contaminants than OEM filters
• Easy installation and maintenance
• 15K -*25K miles, 250 hours, or 1 year before maintenance is needed

Environmentally Conscious

Serious Personal & Business Savings

• Reduce maintenance cost and maintenance downtime
• Improve fuel efficiency
• Reduce oil consumption & oil waste
• Extend equipment life
• Reduce emissions and improve equipment performance
• Inspire harmony between industry and community

Engine wear is caused by particles as small as 1 micron

Oil contamination control is no longer an option, it’s a necessity

How EXTREME Bypass Oil Filtration Works




Test results showing the improvement in oil cleanliness achieved, resulting in oil cleaner than new oil!

The numbers tell the whole story

Oil Analysis Monitoring


EXTREME filters are included in complete engine-specific kits or sold separately as "Universal Kits" for custom projects. Shop for an engine-specific kit or contact us to build your kit, if it runs on diesel or gas we can make a kit for you.

Diesel and Gas engines

extreme x1 filter

For vehicles with an oil capacity of 1-8qt

• Gas automobiles
• Pickup truck
• Marine engine
• Power generator
• Side-by-side
• Diesel lawn mower
• and more!

Diesel & Gas Engines

Extreme X2 Filter

For motor engines with an oil capacity of 8-16qt

• Light/heavy duty truck
• Sprinter van
• Marine engine
• Food trucks
• Cargo van
• Box truck
• Bucket truck
• Delivery truck
• Power generator
• And more!

Diesel & Gas Engines

Extreme X3 Filter

• School bus
• City transit bus
• Motorhome
• Marine engine
• Truck tractor
• Garbage truck
• And more!

Diesel & Gas Engines

Extreme X4 Filter

• Heavy duty equipment
• Construction equipment
• Mining equipment
• Agricultural equipment
• Marine engine
• Power plant generator
• OTR truck
• And more!

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