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Delivered quickly.

Haven’t used yet, but think it will be a good thing!!

I thought it was a bit spendy, but after getting it, my initial impression is that it’s a very nice kit!! My only problem with the entire kit is the oil pressure sending unit adapter, made from aluminum. Screws into the block, oil lines connect to it as well as the sending unit itself. Too much weight as resting on this part and the first one broke. Sent a new one out and so far so good, but I think it should be SS. Otherwise, great bypass filter kit!!

Lorenzo's Oil - Diesel Fuel Enhancement 1 Quart bottle

No noticeable difference, but my CP4 HP Bosch fuel pump is still operational when most everyone else’s has broke and actually under a recall, all with 127,000 miles on it so I’ll give it the btd and give it 5 stars!!

Nice filter!! I can see why it’s as good as it is!! Top notch!!

Best filter I’ve ever used.

Over 400K miles on my 4Runner and still going strong!

Love the results, oil analysis looks great even after 400K miles on my 2003 4Runner. Engine is going to outlast the body of my vehicle so I'm thinking of mods and a lift with new brake system and wheels.

Awesome filters, tremendous value, excellent design and quality. I’ve been running these filters for my GM 6L50 transmission. When the fluid was submitted to two different labs for testing after roughly 44,000 miles one of the labs asked why NEW fluid was being submitted for testing! These filters work

This is the best filter I have ever used. The filters were packaged carefully, shipped quickly, and arrived perfectly. I’ve been filtering my oil with these filters for more than 50,000 miles. Now…, the engine oil for my 2017 2.8L diesel is almost too clean to see on the dip stick!

Clearly Good

We all know that as soon as you change your oil on a diesel, the oil turn black almost immediately. Well not any more. My oil remains clear for most of its life between oil changes, I wouldn't believe it if u didn't see it for myself. I had my oil changed at a local changer shop and the kid that did the change did the start up after the new oil was in. I was watching him from the cab as he was rechecking after the initial start up to circulate oil into the new filter. He pulled the dip stick to check and had a confused look on his face. Called over another worker and showed him the dip stick, both seemed confused or concerned. I stepped out and asked what's wrong. He replied, nothing, I've just never seen the oil remains clear after the startup on a diesel. I went in to explain the Aux oil filter to him. Score on for insane

Fittings - TM1275
Michael L.
Everything fit well & functions properly.

Both the pressure source fitting & the return oil line to the oil filler cap function flawlessly, no runs, no hits& no errors. Good purchase !

2009 Dodge 6.7 Cummings diesel

I am very pleased with this oil filtration system. It was easy to install and well positioned on my engine. I did have an issue with the oil return cap, it leaked oil and made quite a mess. Their customer service was great and they sent me a replacement no charge. This has been a great company to deal with.

excellent filter!

I installed the extreme2 oil filtration system on my lbz duramax over two years ago. I havent had to do an oil change on my truck since.

once a year I replace the factory oil filter and the extreme2 element, top off and i am good to go.

Prior to installing exteme2 my oil would get black with soot when i pulled the dip stick after a few days oil changes.

Now the oil stays transparent with a slight tint.

I also do like to send oil samples once per year to a lab for analysis.

The Perfect Edition to your 3.0 EcoDiesel

These Italian oil burners are notorious for sooty/dirty oil and this kit is what should be included from the factory. The installation or should I say the "mounting of the Filter housing" does require you to have some mechanical ingenuity. I give all the equipment provided top notch scores for quality. The kit I purchased had exactly everything I needed to create a clean install.
I highly recommend this bypass oil filter kit to every owner of the 3.0 EcoDiesel.

Quality made

This is a quality made part. To my knowledge Insane Diesel is the only company making this type of oil filter cap for the Ecodiesel. This unit is a functional non-wear item and will last for many years.

Eco diesel remote oil filter

The engineering of the remote oil filer and the installation of it is 1st rate. The Eco diesel puts a lot of suet in the intake manifold thru the EGR and in turn into the oil thru combustion. This filter removes the particles and clean the oil and my truck runs cleaner and the motor will last longer because of it. I give it 5 ⭐️ Easy installation as well.

Best in the bizz!

This stuff is awesome! Put it in my 04 ranger, and got about 20-30 more miles per tank! And about the same in my F350! This stuff rocks! Highly recommend! 👍

The stuff works great helping bring my injections back to life in my LB7

Love the stuff works great

filer works great. i’ve got a newly rebuilt diesel and i didn’t want any problems with break in. i changed the filter at the first oil change and oil runs cleaner. Good job on the design

Best thing for the Jeep summit oil ran cooler and cleaner cheers

insane oil filter

This is by far the best filter I have used on my 7.3. And I have used all the other bypass oil filter. And this is the only one that did the job.

Extra piece of mind

This is an absolute must for the meticulous type of person that wants only the best for their ride.

Cap fits nicely and doesn't leak from cap or swivel.

Beats the hell out of hacking up the factory cap or trying to be all creative and stuff. Easily installed and just as easily reversible should you need to take it off. Likely to hold its resale value pretty well too.

I purchased the first unit they manufactured. It's PERFECT!

I had just purchased a 2015 TDI Passat and wanted to install a bypass filter (2nd oil filter that picks up the smallest particles of metal in the oil). My engine is now 230,000 miles and the oil analysis from 'Gearhead' still proves very clean. The purpose of this new oil cap is to allow the oil flow circuit (From the bypass filter) to circulate back into the engine though the oil cap. Since installation in 2020 to now it's been more than three years and I've had no leaks or issues. I also like the look of it. It's billet aluminum with an industrial look with exact tolerances to fit the OEM gasket seal and fits onto the valve cover with a quarter turn. Very reasonably priced, would definitely recommend.

Noticed huge improvement in gas mileage. Love it so far!

Noticed i'm saving about a quarter tank of gas during long drives (120 miles drives). Oil stays clean longer and engine running great after 400K miles!
Never taking this kit off! Thanks!