Frequently Asked Questions

In short: a bypass oil filter is an additional oil filter. Your OEM filter is not capable of ultra-fine filtering your oil and this leads to oil prematurely getting dirtier and dirtier, wearing out the seals and components of your engine. A bypass filter takes some of the engine’s extra oil and fine filters it a little at a time while the engine is running.

Extreme oil filter will not void your warranty. This is due to the fact that the stock oil filter system and sensors stays in place, unaffected, keeping the warranty valid.

However, some warranties require owners to show scheduled oil changes. Although regular healthy oil analysis should be sufficient for warranty purposes, many owners simply continue oil changes through the warranty period to avoid any litigation. No problem, the EXTREME oil filter will clean up the new oil too!

• Better Filtration System
Progressive 3 stage filtration from 10 to 3 to 1 micron prevents our filter from clogging or dropping in efficiency like other single micron rated filters do.

• Better Element and Large Housing
With progressive high density filter material, EXTREME can hold 400X more contaminants than OEM filters while filtering down 10X better than OEM filters. Depending on filter model size, our filter cleans your entire oil supply between 1-2 minutes.

• Removes 99.9% of Moisture on the First Pass

• Built Tough
The Extreme filter was originally designed to withstand mining, construction and trucking environments. Built to last the entire life-time of your vehicle and beyond!

• More Accessories Than Any-Other Bypass Filter in the World
Too many moving parts, too many gaskets, or dual adapter systems create possible points of failure.
Insane Diesel believes that installation and maintenance should be clean and simple, and for this reason we've created the most installation accessories than any other company in the world! This includes custom oil fill return caps, oil pressure caps, custom fittings, and more!

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EXTREME filter will not remove additives. Additives exist on a much smaller molecular level 1000X smaller than 1 micron. This fact is easy to verify in a couple ways:

1) 1 micron oil filtration is not new technology, it's a 30+ year old industry secret. All major oil suppliers are aware of this technology and can confirm that bypass oil filters never removed additives from their products. Go ahead and give your favorite oil company a call and see for yourself.

2) Simply run oil analysis to see that additives not only stay intact but last longer with our system.

Eventually, due to heat, friction, acidity, etc you will need to replenish your additives; especially if you plan to run longer on the same oil. This can easily be accomplished by topping off your oil during maintenance and monitoring the additive packs with oil analysis

Other companies may claim to have radically long oil or filter change intervals but what they fail to clearly state is the following: in order to extend your oil and filter change intervals you have to get your oil clean first! Once your oil is clean all filter and oil change intervals can be extended, and no filter cleans better than Insane Diesel's EXTREME filter.

Our filter element change intervals
• Standard filter element change interval is every 15K miles for diesel and gas engines.

• After oil analysis shows that your oil is coming out healthy and clean, you can extend the element change interval to 25K and even up to 50K, but this requires condition based monitoring with oil analysis.

Oil change intervals
• No matter what anyone tells you, the only way to know when you can run longer on the same oil is to use condition based monitoring with oil analysis. Every engine will respond differently to our filter and only oil analysis will give you the insight you need to know the unique trends of your vehicle's performance.


Our site shows videos and photos of oil coming out golden clean, each of these vehicles had their own unique journey to get their oil that clean. Here are some factors you must consider if you're goal is to get your oil to come out that clean:

• Get our filter installed as early as possible. The newer the vehicle the better. This way we're preventing soot particle buildup rather than working through the old soot that's cycling in your system

• Give it time. We had trucks run through 3-4 filter element change intervals before the oil came out visibly clean.

• Monitor your progress with oil analysis. There is no need to have "faith" in our system when you have access to proof that it's working. Oil analysis will monitor the soot particle count, and you can see that numbers improve through-out time.

• Results vary due to the filter size, flow rate, vehicle usage (towing, uphill, long distance), and the original oil condition.

Contaminants such as combustion byproducts, soot, and wear metals often combine with water to produce acids and oxidants. Combined with heat, these abrasives can cause oil to break down or emulsify much quicker than it otherwise would. By keeping all of these contaminants to an extreme minimum, the Insane Diesel b bypass oil filter has been proven to radically extend oil life and prevent oil breakdown in a healthy engine. Oil only needs to be changed if the oil analysis says it should. Oil analysis should replace blind and wasteful oil changes to save money and catch engine problems before catastrophic failures occur.

Because the Insane Diesel EXTREME bypass oil filter keeps contaminants out of engine oil, oil analysis has proven that the viscosity range stays consistent in a healthy engine. Without fine-filtration, contaminants can change oil viscosity, endangering the engine and its performance.
NOTE: Fuel dilution can change oil viscosity, fuel in your oil supply can’t be removed by any oil filter. This is another reason why oil analysis is an essential part of the Insane Diesel maintenance system, oil analysis can reveal fuel contamination before it causes damage. There simply is no better system for protecting your engine.

Installation is simple for anyone with professional mechanical skills and tools. The installation process requires the following:
1- Oil pressure port. This is usually accomplished by accessing the oil supply through a plug, oil sending unit, or a custom EXTREME filter cap.

2- Oil return port. This is accomplished by returning the oil through a return plug, oil drain plug, or EXTREME custom oil filler cap.

3- Mounting location. Our filter works in any position, horizontally, vertically, and even upside down!
You can mount our filter using the zinc coated universal bracket or any of our under-the-hood brackets (or make your own).

The majority of our engine specific kits come with installation guides that determine the pressure, return, and mounting location. If you don't see your kit then contact us and we'll build you a kit.

Watch our "general installation' guide for more insight on how our installation process works.

Watch video here

• Universal kits are just kits with the basic components to get you started on your own custom project. Universal kits are usually purchased by mechanics or engineers who want to piece together their own kit, or who already have other components required to complete a kit. Just like engine specific kits, the universal kits use the EXTREME X1, X2, X3, and X4 filters.

• Engine specific kits are complete, or mostly complete, engine specific kits. They also include the Extreme X1, X2, X3, and X4 filter family.

• We can build you an engine specific kit too. Use the "build me a kit" service to have our teach gather all components required to build your kit.

1 oz enhancer per 10 gallons of fuel.

30 ft. lbs at 0 degrees F

35 ft. lbs at 200 degrees F