Braided Hose Installation Guide

Notice: This guide is for any order after Nov. 2022 that came with our new black braided hose.
If you have an older kit (before November 2022) with pushlok fittings and rubber hose, please view this video here.

Watch the video below and read the walk-through >

Video Walk-Through

• If you haven't already done so, disassemble your fitting so that the part that connects to the hose is separate from all other parts. We are only focusing on the part of the fitting that has the female port where your hose will be insereted (as seen below)

• Use a drill and 19mm socket to insert the hose all the way to the back end of the female thread. (as seen on the video starting at 0:25).

• Now connect the other portions of your fitting to the assembled hose fitting. Dip the fitting in oil first (as seen on the video starting at 0:42). Use a vice or something similar to secure the hose fitting in place.

• Thread the fitting into the assembled hose fitting by hand and make sure the hose doesn't twist with the fitting.

• Finish threading the fitting in with a tool to make sure it's secure, still making sure the hose does not twist with the fitting. Twist until the socket is touching the fitting. IMPORTANT: Do not exceed the torque specs of 5ft lbs (60 in lbs).