EcoDiesel 3.0L Bypass Oil Filter Installation


  • Your kit includes the following:
    • EXTREME X2 filter housing and filter element
    •  2.8 feet and 4.5 feet of 3/8″ hose
    • (a) EcoDiesel bracket with hardware
    • (c) 2 elbow male 6JIC fittings (6MJ-4MP)
    • (d) 4 female 6JIC elbow fittings
    • (f) 2 elbow 6JIC fitting (6MJ-2MP)
    • (g) Oil filler cap with swivel port
    • (*i) Oil pressure switch tee fitting for kits without filter cap

Additional items you will need: Teflon tape or thread sealer, extra washer for your oil pressure switch, and zip ties.

 EcoDiesel 30 Bypass Oil Filter Insane Diesel Installation

  • Install elbow fitting (part “f”) securely into the oil filler cap using thread sealer or teflon tape (see image below). Replace your stock oil filler cap with this new oil filler cap.
  • Apply teflon tape to the two elbow JIC fittings (part “c”) and insert them into the “IN” and “OUT” port of your EXTREME X2 filter housing. Install as firmly and deeply as possible. TIP: To avoid scratching your new filter you can use the bracket, and a vice, to hold the filter in place while you tighten the fittings. Image below shows straight #C JIC fittings, you will be using elbow part #C JIC fittings instead. 
  • Insert female 6JIC straight fittings (part “d”) into the hoses.  TIP: Use oil or water (as lubrication) to insert the fittings properly into the hose. Be sure the hose and fittings are securely connected or you will have a “drip”. See image below for example: 

WHERE TO MOUNT THE FILTER (for the Dodge Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Only)

There are two mounting options: 

1) Suspension Mount 

The mounting location is under the hood on the driver side of your EcoDiesel, right above the suspension. This mount will require that you remove and re-use the suspension mount bolts to secure the bracket (part “a”), and you will also have to remove the “wiring harness” found on the rear bolt. See images below for reference.

 After securing the bracket with the suspension mount bolts use the provided bracket bolts to secure the filter housing to the bracket. See the final result below. TIP:  You can pivot and reposition the filter housing easily by loosening the bolts that connect to the side of the filter housing, this can help with installation and maintenance. 

EcoDiesel Bypass Oil Filter

2) Under-the-hood bracket mount (for Dodge Ram EcoDiesel only)

This mount may require some optional modifications to the bracket and an optional bolt hole can be drilled to secure the bracket further. 

Please view this video for a general overview of how this bracket is mounted:
View Video Here


*Tee Fitting Pressure Port

The following pressure port guide is for tee fitting versions of our kit. Skip this section for filter cap version. 

Locate the stock oil filter housing found on the driver side of your vehicle. Remove the oil filter and allow the oil drain-back valve to release so that the housing drains back into the sump, this will help prevent excess mess when removing the sensor (not all filters drain this way so it’s ok to skip this step).

We’ll be working with the TOP of the two sensors. Carefully unfasten the single wire harness from the factory oil pressure switch (see picture below). To disconnect the connector, lift up on the external latch and pull backwards slightly.

EcoDiesel Bypass Oil Filter Installation Guide

Remove the oil pressure switch and in its place thread the tee fitting (part “*i”) . Important: Be sure to use teflon tape or a reliable thread sealant.

Thread one of the fitting (part “f”) into the center of the tee fitting. Important: be sure to use teflon tape or thread sealant.

Return the oil pressure switch back into the end of your tee fitting.
Important Note Regarding Tee Fitting:
• Use the provided washer and thread sealant on the male port of our tee fitting. 
• Your oil pressure switch should have it's own washer and if it's in good condition you can re-use it; otherwise you may need to purchase a separate washer. 
• The center port of the tee fitting is tapered, it will seal properly with thread sealant. Do not try to completely insert the entire fitting into the center port of the tee fitting or you may damage the port. 

See image below for reference

EcoDiesel Bypass Oil Filter

Connect the 1′ hose to the center branch fitting (part “f”).
The other end of the 1′ hose connects to the “IN” port of your filter housing.
Be sure the hose is not near any moving parts, hot, or sharp areas. Use zip-ties to secure the hose in a safe area.

--- End Tee Fitting Pressure Port Section 

*Filter Cap Pressure Port

The new oil filter cap is now where you can easily pull oil pressure from (see image below). 

• Prepare the cap by applying teflon or sealant to the elbow fitting (part #f) and secure it into the swivel port on top of your new oil filter cap.

• Remove your stock oil filter cap 

• Install a new filter in the Insane Diesel filter cap. Be sure to add the o-ring that comes with your new filter to our filter cap. 

• Secure the new filter cap into your oil filter housing as you normally would with a stock filter cap

• Attached the shorter hose to the filter cap and to the port at the bottom of the bypass filter housing marked “IN”

• Secure your hose with zip ties if needed and keep the hose away from moving, sharp, or extremely hot parts of your engine. 

 EcoDiesel Bypass Oil Filter Kit

 --- End Filter Cap Pressure Port Section


  • Use a little oil to lubricate our oil filler cap o-ring and lubricate the threading inside the oil filler neck.
  • Our cap o-ring is a snug fit, be sure to press the cap down into the oil filler neck until you feel the cap o-ring slip into place, you know you’ve done it correctly when you can turn the cap to lock it in place.
  • Connect the longer hose to the OUT port of the EXTREME X2 filter housing.
  • Connect the other end of the longer hose to the oil filler cap.
  • Be sure the hose is not near any moving parts, hot, or sharp areas. Use zip-ties to secure the hose in a safe area.

Important: After connecting the hoses be sure to secure the filter housing in an upright position. 

See image below for reference.


Image below shows how the hoses connects to the “IN” and “OUT” ports at the bottom of your filter.


  • Verify all fittings are tight and hoses are safely routed, secured, and protected.
  • For best results change the stock filter and oil at this time.
  • Run engine for 30 seconds and check for leaks.
  • Top-off oil as necessary, the EXTREME filter increases oil capacity about 1 quart (top off oil as you normally would by removing the oil filler cap and pouring oil through the oil filler spout). Check your oil levels.
  •  Now run engine to temperature and drive around the block and verify no engine leaks once engine operating temperature and pressures are reached.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the installation of your EXTREME bypass oil filter!

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