Duramax 6.6 Bypass Oil Filter Installation

1) Change stock oil filter and oil.

2) Install elbow fitting securely into ported Billet Oil Filler Cap using thread sealer or Teflon tape.

3) Remove stock oil filler cap and install ported Billet Oil Filler Cap.

4) Locate the stock oil filter housing on the driver’s side of the engine.

5a) Remove one of the pressure plugs, located on stock oil filter housing. Visible above front driveshaft. TIP: lifting the front of your vehicle will give you more access to this plug. See images below for difference between 2019-older and 2020-newer plug locations. 

5b) Install street elbow fitting, utilizing thread sealer or Teflon tap, into vacated port on oil filter housing. Aim away from front driveshaft. Note: 2020-newer vehicles use a straight M15X5 fitting + an elbow hose fitting. See parts image below

6) Install the EXTREME Filter housing hose adapter fittings into both the “IN” and “OUT” ports using thread sealer or Teflon tape as firmly and deeply as possible. 

Watch this video for prepping guide

The following image shows the 2019-older Duramax 

Duramax 6.6 Bypass oil Filter Installation

2020-newer Duramax pressure port location

Duramax 2020 Bypass Oil Filter

Parts List 

Duramax Bypass Oil Filter Installation

(See video for prepping basics) 

Frame Mounting Option 

7) (frame mount) Install EXTREME Filter BRACKET onto frame near to stock oil filter. Usually the outside of the frame right behind the passenger front tire is best. You may utilize a hole already on the frame and drill a second hole using the bracket as a template. Securely mount the bracket to the frame using the supplied hardware bolts/nuts. 

Duramax 66 Bypass Oil Filter Installation Guide

8) Install EXTREME Filter into bracket using supplied hardware as pictured above.

Under the Hood Mounting

9) Mount the under-the-hood bracket on the air compressor, using the bolt holes seen in the photo below. 

Duramax Bypass Oil Filter

Watch this installation video for more details about the under-the-hood mount


Important Notes: Some Duramax vehicles come with a bunch of wires that get in the way of the under-the-hood mount. Here are some tips on how to handle this issue and how to correctly route the hoses to avoid other engine components.

1- Wires can be moved out of the way by zip tying them together and routing them to the right side of the filter (see photo below). 
2- We provide elbow in/out fittings so that you can point them the in/out hose to a more convenient direction, the elbows should be pointed in a slight angle, away from the fluid reservoir. The photo below shows a great example of this but the owner of this vehicle mentioned that instead of routing the in/out hoses on separate sides of the cables, you can route them through the same side on the right. (see photo below) 

10) Install 2’ line(hose) and route from stock oil filter housing fitting to the “IN” port (center most port) fitting on bottom of the EXTREME Oil Filter housing. Remember to avoid sharp edges, hot surfaces, and moving parts and leaving a little slack for engine movement when routing the hose.

11) Install 7’ line on EXTREME Filter housing “OUT” port fitting (nearest edge of filter) and route to new Oil Filler Cap, avoiding sharp edges, hot surfaces, and moving parts. Use ties as necessary to secure safely.

12) Verify all fittings are tight and hoses are safely routed, secured, and protected. Run engine for 10-30 seconds and check for leaks. Top off oil as necessary (the EXTREME filter increases oil capacity about 1 Quart.

13) Once it is verified there are no leaks, run engine to temperature and under load (around the block) and verify no engine leaks once engine operating temperature and pressures are reached.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the installation of your EXTREME bypass oil filter!

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