Custom Installation & Mounting Details

The following guide is for those interested in installing and/or mounting our filter on their custom project. Here are some important facts about mounting our filter: 

• EXTREME filters can work in any position: horizontally, vertically, and even upside down. 

• EXTREME filters can pivot on the universal bracket until the side bolts are secured. This makes pointing your filter into a convenient direction easier. 

• Some customers mount our filter in a "usage position" and during maintenance they loosen the side bolts to temporarily pivot the filter into a "maintenance position". 

• There are two additional bolt holes on the bottom of the housing. They allow for more mounting options. 

Here are the measurements of the brackets and housing ... 


• Keep in mind that when the filter is mounted (vertically) on the bracket, it will be raised about 2.5" more in height. 
• The bolt on top of each filter housing adds .5 inches to the height 

Under the hood bracket 

The universal under the hood bracket is a great piece of steel used in many custom installations. The tab is long enough to cut into complex shapes, or even bend to create a curved lip. You can order the following bracket here



Get Creative. Our customers are always discovering new ways to mount our filter. Here's a gallery of images to help spark some inspiration.