Insane Diesel’s ultra-fine filtration system helps keep your oil cleaner than new oil but …

  • How clean is your oil getting with a bypass oil filter?
  • When should you change your oil filter element?
  • When should you change your oil?
  • How far can you go on the same oil?

This is where oil analysis comes in. Oil analysis will clearly answer these questions and provide you with powerful information about your oil that will help save you money and catch engine problems before they start. 

The recommended change interval for our filter elements are 15,000 miles or 1 year, but many of our customers have gone farther with oil analysis, much farther. – Insane Diesel

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Examples of oil analysis reports

Over 23K Miles | 6.6LM2 Duramax Oil Analysis

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Over 162,000 miles on the same oil 

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