10 to 1 Progressive Ultra-Fine Filtering (ISO 17/15/12)


1 Micron Bypass Oil FilterInsane Diesel’s patented filter technology ultra-fine filters progressively from 10 micron down to 1 micron. 

Why do you want a PROGRESSIVE 10 to 1 micron ULTRA-FINE filter?

Because a progressive 10 to 1 filter doesn’t plug easily like other filters with static micron ratings or static layers, and because …

  • It gets your oil cleaner than new oil
  • Other filters are mostly air ours are solid, high-density, filter material.
  • No other filter catches 100% of water/moisture on the first pass
  • ISO 17/15/12 rating 

Throw one of these in our Bypass oil filters and experience the best bypass oil filter AMERICA has to offer:

– 2X engine life
– Eliminate “blind” oil changes
– Save up to thousands during the lifespan of your vehicle
– Go 15,000 miles or 1 Year before service

Watch this video to learn more …